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My brother bought a Cooper Mini recently and we decided to autocross it at the National Street Tire Challenge in Ga coming up in a few weeks. We both have a good bit of autocross experience but the only Mini seat-time we have is in students' cars.

He has done a couple events in Jax as well as a GCAC event and CFR event in Brooksville.(I co drove with him at GCAC and CFR) We are trying to become reasonably proficient in the new car in a short period of time so we have made some video and, after learning how to use some software, I was able to sync and display our best runs from each event, side-by-side.

These videos help us see what works and where.

The GCAC event was my first time in the car and we went 1-2 in HS but he kicked my @$$. I did better at Brooksville and edged him out by < 0.2 sec.

He's on the left and I'm on the right, in both. The camera was mounted to the passenger seat and never moved so it makes for a good apples-to-apples comparison.

The GCAC runs...

And the Brooksville runs...

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