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While our last Shopping Guide on Aftermarket headlights is still fresh (Find it on this page, we've already come up with a new one which is dedicated to shift knobs. You might say, that this is not the most popular accessory to be customized or replaced but it's definitely one of the brightest items in the interior of any car.

Whether your factory shift knob starts looks worn out, you feel uncomfortable when using it or you're simply looking to customize your Nissan 350Z interior - we'll show you how to replace it. Before you go with it, there are several questions to be answered – what is your transmission type, how can you install it by yourself and what type of shift knob should you go with. Our shopping guide includes all this information, plus examines shift boots, bezels, handbrake levers and adapter kits. Luxury custom design and much easier shifting are only some of the benefits you might win with this upgrade.

Follow this link to read new Shift Knobs Shopping Guide

Make a quick impact on the look of your Nissan 350Z with a new shift knob!​
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