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While at ZDayZ in May I managed to win the TCS Memory Mod from KPTechnolgies (

Mod is supposed to keep the TCS/VDC turned on after the car is turned off & re-started.
Mod consists of a chip box & three wires (Orange, Black & Yellow)
The item is to be positioned in the panel under the TCS panel.

Panel is easy to remove (as is most of the interior) by hand & a couple of screws.

Connections are as follows:
TCS Pin 1 (Blue/Green or Blue/Yellow)
TCS Pin 2 (Black) - Ground

Wiring harness above the brake pedal:

Connections are as follows

Orange to TCS Pin 1 Blue/Green
Black to TCS Pin 2 Black
Yellow to Brake Black/Red

basic connections look like:


The best way to make a solid connection is to soder then as such:

Electrical Tape is used to secure everything before putting everthing back together:

Chip box in place & taped down:

Hope that this helps for those that are thinking about doing this mod in the future.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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