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Hey guys..

Considering many audio shops around here will install anything you buy for free.. I've thought of just going to a shop and picking 2 door speakers out, and some sort of sub that will go in factory location or otherwise not be in the way..

It's a Base 2008 350z -- But has this Pioneer Head unit:

@@[email protected]@

It's a double-din headunit.. touchscreen.. dvd player, cd, mp3, Ipod port and USB port.. so definitely don't need a head-unit.

I know this is commonly asked,.. but I'm working as cheap as possible.

The factory speakers on this base model just sound terrible -- So I'm going to have to upgrade them.

But,.. my needs are not great. I don't need hatchback rattling bass.. nor am I entering any competitions. Given the 350z is a 2 seater.. a good set of 6.5 speakers with tweeters and a sub will cover the whole cabin. (The car is VERY similar accoustically to my 1991 300ZX.. and I ran a pair of MB Quart 6.5" coaxials, and a 12" sub.. and it was WAAAY more than I needed.)

It's hard to put into words what I need/expect -- But basically if you've ever sat in a Pontiac solstice with the factory "upgrade" Monsoon system which is just decent mids/highs and a factory 8" sub put behind the passenger seat -- that is all the sound quality I need.

I realize anything I buy is going to to be better than that.. (If I'm buying quality brand speakers.. ie: JL , MB Quart, Polk,.. etc..) but I really don't want the bass to be over-powering where it can be heard a mile down the road.. I want that punch in there.. for a full CLEAN sound.. with crisp highs.. and honestly an 8" sub would be more than enough on the bass side.

My budget is around $350.

You guys have any recommendations on what you would do in my shoes,.. if your needs were just a good clean sound with something like an 8" sub worth of bass.. nothing overpowering?

I figure.. if I go to an audio shop around here.. I'll probably end up spending like 400-500$.. but they will install free. I figure I would end up buying some door speakers with the tweeters to go in the factory tweeter location - and an 8" or 10" sub + amp - whatever they recommend and is cheaper to be mounted behind the seat in the car.

I've searched, and read many system setups in this forum and others.. but most are more than what I need or want. Back in highschool I ran 2 JL audio 12" subs.. and I just don't want that kind of bass anymore.

Think of my needs/wants of sound like a premium upgraded sound system in any car you buy that has an 8" factory sub in it. Be it a Lexus LS400, the Solstice I mentioned (cause I previously had that car).. etc.

Thanks you guys..
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