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Looking for a Video Camera Mount

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I've been all over the net looking for a Video Camera mount that I can get.

If you have one or know where I can get it (need it before 5/18)let me know.

Thanks in Advance :wavey:
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Oh, you might try

They don't have anything like that listed on-line & no one wants to answer their 800 Number. I may try them again this weekend.

Yeah - you know what it's for :biggrin: :shiftdrive:

Thanks Smooth, but not the kind I'm looking for :banghead: :banghead:

Check the PW thread for why I suggest this. :)
Thanks Smooth - the last link is what I'm looking for!!!! :yourock:

Will probably buy the dual headrest one:

If some one know of anything better - I'm all ears!!!!

I ordered the ChaseCam Ultra Window Mount two Saturday's ago, @ 9:30 AM and recieved it on Monday afternoon. The quality is great and it holds really well....I have used it stuck to the inside of my windshield mainly but did test it on the outside of my Z on the driver side held really well but is only set up to hold small camcorders....most normal home video camcorders will work with it. Anything you can buy at BestBuy or Circuit City in their stores will work with this mount I believe....Not anything big like a Canon XL2 or GL2 though...those are a bit to big and heavy I think....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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