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looking for a performance/tuning shop

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Does anyone know of a good performance/tuning shop in the Ventura, CA area? Thanks
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I'm not familiar with any shops out in that area, but we do offer plenty of services for the nissan/infinity cars here at our dealership. WE are located in Duarte, and we do work with high performance every day. Also, if you are needing a dyno tune, you can contact XS engineering down in huntington, they are very good with the high performance dyno tuning as well.
:thumbsup: Performance Nissan ALL THE WAY.
Performance Nissan is the way to go. I have been in and out of there for many mods on my 350Z and I have been but pleased. I trust them with my car more then I trust myself. Jason is great. Ask for him or Tony. It wasnt until my last mod which was my flywheel that i started dealing with Tony and he was more than great. He has excellent customer service skills and will exlplain not only the product but what it does and what you can expect. Go TONY! LOL
-XS Engineering in Huntington Beach (They are always booked)
-Harv's Performance in Whittier (ask for Scottie)

Performance Nissan from my understanding does NOT "dyno tune" vehicles.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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