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i have had my Z for a little over a year now.

its a 2003 track model.

mods so far are as follow:

nismo type r flywheel
nismo type r clutch
b&m short throw kit
K&N typhoon CAI
custom cat-back exaust.

its time for forced induction for me tho.

im a college student on a budget.

if i do the install myself..

whats the cheapest/efficient way to go about this..??

i was thinking the turbonetics single turbo.

its an everyday driver also .

just want some of you guru's out there to guide me in the right spot and if at all possible the best venders for prices/reliability.



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ya for a budget................
pretty much all a lil ove 5K
-Turbonetics ST
-Vortech S/C
-Pro Charger (s/c)
-Greddy(straight kit no intercooler,oil pan,fuel injectors,fuel system)
-PE TT(they have a kit that is basically like the greddy doest come with any thing)
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