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Letting some cars go

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Last night this early 90's four door Integra and from what I saw it was a poser or a ricer was reving his engine at me while in the other lane. I look at his car. His car was filthy, body kit was messy, fake attached hood scoop, and most of all a fake [email protected]# type R badge. I just let that dude go and plus my g/f was with me and there was traffic. Also, tickets suck. End of story. So have you guys ever just let a car go and he/she wanted to race?
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Originally posted by jinxxycat@Nov 29 2004, 03:44 PM
I let silly little ricer boys who want to race me go all the time w/o a race.  It's stupid first off to be racing on the highway in traffic, number 2 they aren't worth my time or energy....

Kinda my attitude too... that is of course, unless there are some twisties ahead. Then I drop a gear and go ;)

But drag racing on the street was cool, oh say, in Grease maybe. Its a bit old now, and kinda :ghey:

A quick acceleration test from a roll is one thing, but staging up at a traffic light, lol, :lame:
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