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LED Illuminated Door Sills ON SALE!

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3pc LED Door Sill and Rear plate. Constructed of stainless steel and high polished to a mirror finish.
These sills install over your existing brushed aluminum sill plate and can be wired up to the courtesy interior door light to allow illumination every time you open the doors. :thumbsup:

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Our SPECIAL 350z TECH pricing:

$235 for 3 pc. set (doors and rear sill) List-$330
$195 for 2 pc. set (doors only) List-$275
$70 for 1 pc. set (rear hatch sill only) List-$120

All pricing includes FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.
Please send all payments via PayPal ([email protected])
Thank you and we look forward to your patronage.
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That looks like a high quality product, nice work

Id be interested if they were done in the same matt aluminuim as the stock sills

Any chance of doing them in an alu finish?
Yeah, they were very good quality in person.. they fitted right up in a matter of seconds. Nice product!
just got in on the deal for the 3 pc set.... wish they were blue led's though... :)
Do these come with instructions on wiring as well?
Comes complete with instructions. There is also an awesome step by step detailed instructions here. Thanks Dr. Bonz!! and Jetpilot for the photo!! :irock:

Originally posted by ActionJackson@May 24 2005, 01:35 PM
Do these come with instructions on wiring as well?
Where's the link etc for the 350 Z led sills. Cannot open the link at top
It's over 6 years old mate.
LED Lighted Door Sill Cover

* Easy installation
* Water proof
* Elegant visuality
* Magnetic system
* Battery life for 3 years
* Dual-lock connection
* Stainless steel

LED Lighted Door Sill Cover
LED Lighted Door Sill Cover
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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