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What's up fellas?

I got myself a black 2006 Touring model. My wife actually found you guys after i accidentally activated my "service engine" light installing my cold air intake. :banghead: LOL

As you can tell, I'm an amature Bob Villa-type. So far I've done the intake with K&N filter, Sirius, and tinted my windows with Gunmetal 35%. My next project is to tear out my Bose system and put in my Sony Xplod with Infinity Kappa components. This site has already given me some really great information about the wiring diagrams and routing. Thanks guys!!! :clap:

I had one area of concern that maybe someone would have a suggestion about. I have a 12" Infinity competition subwoofer and was wondering if it was possible to use the current 10" subwoofer space available behind the driver seat. Is the current enclosure air tight that I can modify the opening, or will an enclosure fit? I don't think I'm up for laying down fiberglass yet.

Thanks again. :irock:
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