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First of all, I'd like to give a big shout out to Kevin from KP Technologies for installing these modules for me while at ZDayZ. I feel bad making him work when he should've been out having fun. I planned on purchasing just the Window Roll-Up module from him but because his expertise was right there, I went ahead and purchased the Traction Control module from him also. For some reason the Nissan engineers, didn't think to add these functions to the car. They should've have been though because they have already proven to be real handy for me.

Window Roll-Up Module: All 350Zs & G35s have the ability to roll-down your windows by holding the unlock button on your keyfob remote. For those of you that didn't know that, now you do! However, there is no way to roll-up your window. I believe someone once mentioned that it was a "safety-issue" and that's why it was never implemented into our cars. This module lets you have that feature. By pressing the lock button twice on your keyfob remote, your windows will automatically roll-up. If you press it again while it's rolling up, it will stop. No more having to get into your car & putting the key in your ignition to roll up your windows. It has been a real timesaver for me.

In addition to rolling up the window, this module also has an autolock function. When you turn the key into the on position, the car will do it's electrical tests. After the car does the tests, it will automatically lock all the doors in your car. Not a bad safety feature if you ask me. It could protect you from someone carjacking your car or from your door swinging open from a tight turn (which happened to someone during ZDayZ!) I guess it depends on your personal taste. Me on the other hand, I turned it off. The reason I turned it off was because I went to start my car on Monday and while I was starting it, I realized I forgot something in my home. Whenver I start my car at my home, I do it with the door open and then shut it while I wait inside. Well, when I came back to the car, I realized what I did. Luckily my house keys were on a different keychain in my pocket. I went inside and got my spare keys. Again, this is not a bad feature, as it may be useful for other people. You *can* disable this feature if you want.

Traction Control Module: What this module does is provide a memory setting to your TCS/VDC button so that it remembers the last setting it was on when you restart your car. By default, TCS/VDC is re-enabled everytime you start your car. I think I speak for many 350Z owners that can say the first thing we do after starting our car is press the TCS/VDC button to turn it off. This module is just another "convenience" module that just takes that extra step away. Some of you may not justify the price for something that takes you 1 second to do everytime you're in your car, but I like it.

Again, a big shout out to KP Technologies for these great modules and a big thank you to Kevin for installing these for me!
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