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We have been helping you guys cool your cars and make sure those running high boost, or just do some hard daily driving with N/A mods have no overheating problems. Through our track experience, and with the help of Koyo, we have saved quite a few engines from heat exhaustion on 105+F:icon11: days!

We have had great success with the Koyo radiators and Samco Hose Kit paired. The Koyo comes in an R-Core part which is meant for the hard racer. The radiator is thicker than stock and will flow some crazy CFM to keep you ice cold. Koyo, also offers the V-Core Radiator, which is same size as stock but will still flow some ridiculous numbers.

1. Call 1-800-959-0145 toll free and mention the sale
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EMAIL: [email protected]
WE ALSO USE AIM: THMotorsportscom
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