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kinetix test pipes rattle

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well i spoke witht he guys at kinetix and they are sending me a new set of the resonated test pipes for me to exchange my old ones
. I guess this is an issue with someoother people as well. He said they will be shipped out on fri or so, and i wont get to put them on until after 19th. i'll keep you all posted on if it fixes the rattle.
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Can you let me know what the changes they made to fix the rattle issue, I have a set of test pipes with resonators sitting in my garage since April and I haven't installed them, I am wondering if I might encounter this problem? Let me know. Thanks.
yea me and josh wont install these until after the 19th as i have about 10 more finals to go. but i will post an update to let you know if its better or how they changed it, if any!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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