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Kinetix High-Flow Cats/Plenum Group Buy

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Attention K-Mart Shoppers: Those that missed the last Kinetix Group Buy get another chance. Here's the link:
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I think that it was a great idea to organize a group buy for the kinetix stuff. But...

Now I would stress people to reconsider their options. Think about this.. Kinetix has a new aluminum plenum coming out, for how much and what it looks like, no one knows yet. But besides that, there are a few other plenum options, including the new APS plenum. It would be better for anyone to get something that will not crack as opposed to their plastic plenum. Also, the high-flow cats are a good idea, but they are only 2-1/4" diameter and more expensive then some test pipes. For me, I thought about high-flow cats, but then I decided to get kinetix's test pipes w/resonators instead, well I ended up selling the pipes because they weren't that great in terms of quality welds and fitment. I would assume that the high-flow cats are in the same boat.

Now, other companies are offering test pipes with different diameters up to 2.5" with excellent fitment and the quality is great!(APS being one and Toykila is setting something up for 350z-tech as well). These are cheaper and better than the stuff Kinetix is selling.

Not to dis their products, because I have their front A-arms and rear rods on my car, but I am saying that now one should reconsider where you buy your stuff from and for how much because the market has changed and there are more options to the buyer.

Lastly, don't come to this website if your only post is going to be to solicit members to get in on your "group buy" over on another website. Feel free to contribute to this website with some more useful and informative posts. Just my opinion..
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I think of Z owners as being part of one big community and didn't mean to violate any website territorial boundaries. If there's better equipment available at lower prices, I'm all ears. I read all the positive feedback from the people that got in on the last buy and haven't heard any discontent about the current generation of cats. Plenums were included because people specifically requested them. I posted here as a courtesy BECAUSE there were people from other sites that wanted in on the group buy. Won't happen again.
Originally posted by brucekgt@Dec 3 2004, 05:00 PM
I posted here as a courtesy BECAUSE there were people from other sites that wanted in on the group buy.  Won't happen again.

I am not trying to say don't come back here, we invite all people to come here and post information. Posting information about the group buy is a nice thing to do for the Z community and I am sure that people appreciate it, but all that I ask is not to make it your only post and reason for coming over to 350Z-tech. I noticed that this was your first post and I would like to see you take advantage of all that is offered here.

Again, feel free to check out this website for what it is worth besides trying to collect people for a group buy.

Also, we are doing a group buy over here for APS test pipes and the Tall boy plenum. If you are interested in good prices and great quality, feel free to check them out.

And eventually, I am sure that Toykilla will have this group buy up and running soon. Unlimited Tuning Test Pipes
Kintetix = P.O.S. I have 3 sets of cracked ones at the shop I could sell you..
Now, THAT'S the kind of feedback I value. There's no substitute for experience. Thanks Julian. Get back to me on your APS kit, will you?
I pm'd you.

I dont waste words.. :thumbsup: We stopped carrying Kinetix stuff over a year ago and for good reason..Here is my opinion,
Their customer service is GREAT,second to none..They will replace a defective part no questions asked 90% of the time..However we found that 60% of their parts fail..This is just our personal experience with their plenums and test pipes..The test pipes ALWAY leak due to poor welds and bad fitment issues..Kinetix has absolutely NO R&D in any of their products andare really "pricewize" a low end stereo shop that happened to make car stuff..Ask ZXRAGE about his Kinetix TEST PIPES and KINETIX SUSPENSION components he had to fix using a magnum XXL Condom!!!Seriously...I wouldnt sell or install any more Kinetix products..PERIOD..
i have a second hand used one that is cracked and siliconed up and it is doing fine....but really want APS new plenum or Kinetix aluminum plenum.....
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