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Actually, it was their previous manifold that pissed many people off, the SSV
A lot of people lost power and it damaged the brand image, many people not prepared to by the newer velocity

They claim +30hp at 6,800
But you won't get any gains unless you tune the engine on a dyno - there goes another $1K to $1.5k
Even then most people are getting +10hp to +15hp which is only half of what Kinetic claim

Supercharged engines have obtained better results with the velocity manifold

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I plan on going full bolt on and an UpRev Tune
So far I've got
Jwt popcharger intake with z Tube
Agency power single exit exhaust 3" Nitto555 tires 275/40 rear 245/40 front

And soon I was thinking Kinetic racing velocity manifold
Y pipe
Test down pipe
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