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You know how they say you should never judge a book by it's cover. I think this movie fits the bill. When I first saw the trailer and poster, I was thinking it was just another stupid teenie-bopper comedy crap, but since Nicholas Cage was in it, might not be to bad. Oh **** no! 'Twas an awesome movie, IMO :irock: . It was pretty funny and pretty **** brutal. I guess it made it even more brutal because there's a very little 12 year old girl whacking bad guys indiscriminately. And, she smiles about it. Also, the movie kinda reminded of Spiderman and Wanted in some ways.

I never really paid attention to the MPAA Ratings. A few weeks ago, to think I was going to take my little nieces and nephews to watch this. Bad idea!...woulda.

If you plan or thinking of watching the movie, don't watch the below clips. They contain spoilers; but also show how violent the movie is, something you would never guess from the trailers.

Short Clip
Fight Scenes *** Spoiler ***
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