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Hello to all Z owners! I am trying to organize a group drive to the keys or key largo for my birthday sometime this august. I know for some it might be difficult due to a hectic work schedule, but the last time I organized a drive down to the keys 2 years back with my S2K I was able to get around 55 cars to come out including a few NSX's, vettes, ducatis, and some ninja's. Did the same for my MK4 Supra up in orlando to cruise up to tampa for the yearly meet and was able to gather 25 members to cruise up there. Then I organized with a buddy of mine "supra's invade miami" and we were having weekly meets for about a year straight then the crowed just died out due to the work schedule or family issues. I also helped organize ///M south back 4 years ago and our ///M cars including my E46 M3 were in the 2O11 Hot Import Nights.

Long story short, I am trying to gather up my buddy's from my other car clubs to ride down to the keys with me for my b-day and was just curious if any one would be in and down to join along. Its a bunch of fun and if any of you have any idea inputs please post! If your down to ride down please post or PM me! Need to start planning this ASAP and would like to set a record with over 55 cars!

I am thinking of meeting at the starbucks near 152nd & US1 in the morning to get some coffee and a quick breakfast then get on the turnpike and head down south. If we do end up going all the way to the keys we will stop somewhere in key largo for lunch and then resume or journey down to the keys!

Plan is to meet either at either tropical park or the Starbucks near 152nd & us1 around 9-10am (this will take place either on the 30th or 31st of August) then drive to key largo for lunch at the conch house or another nice water front bistro then give us a chance to refuel or cars as well. Then we shall proceed to the keys for those of you that would like to go all the way down!


Ok so here is the most current list as of today and made the date for the 31st of August:

Alex L

David P

Mark H

Ray B

Giovanni M

Daniel Torres

Manuel escudero

Andre Manrique

Greg S

Andrew A

Viral from Active autowerkes

Mike 21

Jeff brig


farian777 + 3 of his friends

J speed + 3 of his friends

FPP Mike + 8 friends

Who else is in?
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