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Kaboom! Kshep's VQ35 Destruction

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Well Kenny's car is down here in the shop. We pulled the motor and well you guys can see for your self what happened. As best we know the last rotation this motor was made at 8.5psi and who knows what RPM.

Here's the pics

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Wow! Kenny, that's probably the biggest mess I've seen so far from a blown engine... Hope you have it up and running this Sat. still!
Man I just want to cry! :cry: Hate to see that K, good luck with the rebuild, keep us posted!
**** Kenny that sucks!!!
When did this engine blow? Was this recent or was it just some time before the engine was able to be taken apart?
Pre-ingition...detonation...running a untuned F/I motor at higher rpm and boost than the engine management systems were prepared for. The shop I left the car with decided to road test an installation prior to tuning and this was the result.

I am pursuring legal recourse so I can't comment on that situation right now. I had babied the car and installed every safety measure I could get my hands for a year to get ready for tuning....made the wrong choice on where to take her...but she's on the road to recovery now and in capable hands again.

I hope these pics will in some way help prevent failures of this type for other members who chose to modify their motors with forced induction.
The engine was blown do to pre ignition. the rod bolts were fine so were the bearings and the oiling system looks fine well other than the aluminum shreds in the oil pan. PS tuning was not done at GSC on this car nor was it done by Kenny we have a 3rd source to thank for the destruction.

Kenny's patientence with GSC has been wounderfull as his car blew up in December and we moved to our new location in charleston in late January and just now opened the shop to pull out his motor and start the rebuild. We have all new parts for the car and should have her back together and running in a week or so.

I was informed that the motor blew on November 30th....took a month to arrange safe transportation...another couple of months to get all of the parts and personnel lined up.

Many thanks to Greg at GSC Motorsports for his unwavering assistance and patience.
That's scary! :OMG: I can't possibly imagine what that feels like or sounds like to have your 'pride and joy' blow up on you.

Good luck! I hope we can see a happy ending to all of this! In fact, I hope to see it at Zdayz.
Ugh..That is almost too painful to look at. Sorry to hear what had happened Kenny but thanks for sharing the experience. Best of luck with the rebuild.
Ouch Kenny....can't wait to see it built up though!

Are the parts that you have in your sig. going to be installed?

What Carrillo rods did you get? (A-Beam or H-Beam?)

Whats the major parts in the rebuild, what can you salvage out of the blown motor?
<div align="right">[snapback]82540[/snapback]

Heads if he's lucky & it looks like the major components of the TT itself.
I knew you were in trouble when you told me that you left it for tuning, but was hoping for the best. Let me know what I can do to give you a hand & it will be done.
WOW - its like driving past a bad wreck - you want to look but you DONT want to look!

Good luck!

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