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JWT Rough Idle

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I have heard (and now experienced) the engine idles a bit rougher with the JWT. Does the MaxGround kit help to smooth out that idling problem?
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I had the POP, no noticeable problem with idle. Doublecheck all your fittings & sensor connections.....if you haven't already.
No idle problems here, but then again I do have the ground kit installed. Yes, check your connections.
I have the JWT, haven't noticed anything.
I will double check the bolts, but I believe that they were on there pretty tight. I didn't disconnect the air sensor when I installed the JWT. What I mean by the a rougher idle, is that it seems to be a little less smooth, like the engine is just maintaining enough to prevent a stall. Maybe it is in my head, I will double check and get back to you guys, thanks for the input, if it is not evident I am still a :newbie: therfore I really appreciate any help.
When I installed my grounding kit the idle was very smooth, however when I put the JWT on it seemed as if the idle went back to where it was prior to the grounding kit...Maybe it's my imagination...?

Let us know what you find out.
Just to clarify -I DON't have a grounding kit yet....& noticed no difference. do check the seals around the hose clamps, make sure everything's str8 & Pop went in 'cocked' at 1st....something like that might cause 'rough idle'...
After a few months with a K&N Filter and a Hitech exhaust I developed a ruff idle. I took it to Nissan and they reset the idle control using the Consult and it idles perfectly now.
I've never noticed a difference, but I had my grounding kit on before I installed my JWT. If you recently re-oiled your charger and it's a rough idle, you may have gotten some oil on your air sensor, which would be very bad news.
Nope, haven't oiled it, just straight out of the box and onto the tube. Things seem to have settled down, it wasn't a terrible idle, but it was definitely a noticeable difference between the stock and the JWT.
You going to the ECZA meet next weekend? I'm headed up on Friday, and we could caravan if anyone else in the NoVA area wants to go.
This weekend, oct 30th? Guessing by your post you are talking about the following weekend and if so, then I cannot attend as I am going to be in NC for the weekend, brother's birthday. I really want to start attending meets and talking with other people in the area, so if you hear anything else please keep me informed. I will be looking on this board for meetings. Thanks for the offer.
I did my JWT and NISMO ground together in one modding session, and noticed a smoother idle..
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