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JWT Flywheel Installed

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Got my new JWT 14lb flywheel installed

And one of my dog in the passenger seat

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You either have a very odd sense of humor, or I'm looking at the wrong picture :)

I think he means it made the car FAAAASSSSSTTTTT ;)
I take it that you are pleased with the results
:rolf2: :lmfao: Good job on the visual aids!
I'm very happy with my JWT flywheel.
LOL, good one. I am actually getting my JWT Clutch and Flywheel installed along with the TT next week.
Good visual aids, but how about a short review?
Ok a short review...

I have about 1200 miles on the JWT flywheel now and its everything I expected and more (I mean that in both a good way and bad). First the good stuff, the acceleration response is unbelievable. Under normal driving you will find yourself going through 5 gears in about 10 seconds. The car simply wants to go 60 mph all the time and you will find yourself getting there in about a 70 yards from a dead stop. Not being first in line at a red light is now really frustrating. Shifting is smooth and not any harder than stock except from a dead stop (that takes a little getting use to). Up-shifts and down-shift are much more meaningful and really improve driver’s input. Oh yea one last thing, I have broken the rear end loose going 40 mph (not much but enough to know you did it).

The bad stuff, cool slow driving through a parking lot with your girl in the car is not what it use to be. Under 2000 rpm the car simply sounds like a truck. I have the “gravel sound” so many people talk about and if you start out in any gear under the 2k mark it will let you know. I say “cruising with you girl” because when you’re alone the stereo easily drowns out the sounds (from the inside) but if you’re trying to “communicate”, the sounds are annoying. My mechanic says that after I break-in my new trany, we will increase the viscosity of the fluids on my next oil change. He says the thicker fluid will quite the trany right down (I can’t wait).

Unquestionably this is a mod for the driving enthusiast. No real HP gains, just shear fun and responsiveness. For my daily commute I love it. For my weekend cruise I often wonder if I screwed up my car.



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You sure you dont have that backwards?? I would think the commute would suck ass now, like in traffic etc.
HAHA your a funny guy... give us an update when you have a few more miles on the new setup.. i think i am gonna go with the jwt fly and rps clutch.
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