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just saying hello

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i recognize many members of this forum. i am new to this one so, i just wanted to say hello. the majority of my posts are on i still post there every now and then, but with their well-known problems, i am trying to ween myself away and join other forums now.
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This board is really good, quick also. Check out also. Everybody is migrating here and over to motoring.

Gonna try to make it out to the meet on 7 Nov. Not too sure, I think I gotta work that day.
wassop stu. about the 7th, hope that you can make it. should be kind of fun.
Welcome! Great to see another familiar face. :cheers:

This site could easily become the numero uno place to hang in a very short time. Hey, let's hope so. Grab your Z buddies and tell 'em to check in over here. I'm really glad that I did! :clap:


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thanks for the welcome everybody.

****, i just joined this forum and i am spending most of my time either looking at the z babes section or posting pics there. got to get back in the z related topics :biggrin:
Welcome! Z related topics...hmmmm tough one, how dare Z's :boobies: distract that babe thread.... lmao

It's all good... :shiftdrive:
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