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Just PC'ed my PPW

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I ordered the Porter Cable 7424, clay, polishes, and a wax. I started around 5 and ended around 12 at night. Also took some day pics because... :postpics:

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GREAT JOB!! :clap: :clap:
SEVEN HOURS!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :)

Was this your first time using a PC? What pads and products did you use?
That was the first time using the porter cable. It was fairly easy to use. The next day I did my friends new Evo MR.
I started with the usual wash and clay. Then i had some small scratches and so i used 1ZPP from Einszett with the green pad from Sonus. Then with the blue pad I used Sonus Paint Paintwork Cleanser. Then with the black pad I used Pinnacle Signature wax.
WOW! Sometimes I wish I had gotten PPW! This is one of those times! Beautiful man!

Forgive me, but what is a porter cable and what does it do? I'm pretty good at washing/waxing, but I haven't bothered to ask what a porter cable is yet.
Yea Jung,

You should post a picture of all of the PC stuff you used to make your car shine like that! A parts list with prices and pictures would be cool.
Here are some of the things I use w/ my PC....

the pads are difft colors for difft applications ie/cutting (don't need to use this unless you are using cutting compound) I only use the polishing pads (2 difft grades)

PC with white pad is used for application of the blackfire gloss enhancing polish (cleaner polymer sealant) pad for blackfire all finish paint protection (final polymer sealant)

Then to take off the sealants, I use my 10" random orbital buffer w/ terry cloth OR microfiber bonnets.....

This handydandy little invention works well w/ the two bucket wash method....the grit guards go in the bottom of the buckets (you can use two and lay them crisscrossed for better grit guard) to keep the grit and dirt at the bottom of the bucket and not in your mit. It is actually the eggcrate kind of stuff you get for flourescent lights....pic courtesy of Pats300zx! :biggrin:

OH and this is what I use to dry, it works great

Here is a link to a great article on pad uses w/ the PC's.....properautocare

I got my pad set off of but can't seem to find it, included a few pads, and a backing plate.....I think it was like $40-50
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I ordered some more stuff. Can't wait. After this detail I will post some more pics. I got some of my stuff from here... clickie
**** I wish I could see these pics all I see is a bunch of X's. I'd like to see what my PPW had the potenial to look like!
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