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Just got my 350Z 2 days ago

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Can someone please fill me in on the Class action law suit against Nissan. Just to fill you in, I got a 2003 350Z Touring, black, no nav and its got about 9700 miles on it. Is there anything that I should look for, I am taking it in this weekend to get the paint touched up. What else should I look for before I go in so that I can have them fix it. Thanks in advance!!!!

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are you having tire roar noise, clicking in the axel, window problems? these are just a few things that went wrong with mine, but we have a setion with all the listed TSB's you should check out.

the lawsuit has to do with the unusual tire wear with the z.. after about 5-7k miles you will start hearing a loud roaring noise when you slow down.. there are tsb's to address this issue, although the only fix i found was to change springs and tires.
BTW here is a picture of my 350Z...


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nice choice in color, sorry im biased!!
Looks good. I love black. My Z is the first car I have owned that is not black.
check the inside of your tires. if it feels smooth going one way around, but ragged (kinda like rubbing an animal against the grain of their fur), then you've got feathering. That's the class action suit.

As for the rest - post away if you've got an issue, and check out the TSB forum. Thanks to the mods here for keeping up with that stuff!
Some other random problems that people have had are grease streaks on the windows(most first year Z's have this problem), axels clicking while driving in reverse, a loud noise from the transmission while idling in neutral and the clutch pedal is out(the throwout bearing rattles), some grinding in the transmission when shifting(not everyone experiences this problem), the window switches stop working(rare I guess but it has happened), the cloth on the seat bolster starts to wear after time, and the last thing I can think of is when you are slowing down from high rpms, you might feel a vibration in the shift knob(this is normal). Almost everything mentioned has been address with a TSB, so you should be able to find out all the information you need on the TSB Thread.

Good luck with your new Z, I am sure that you will enjoy despite any little problems that may come up.
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