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Project Forward Motion is going to be having our Summer Detailing Day on Sunday June 22nd, at 1pm. We are holding this event in coordination with Detailed Image.

We'll be BBQing around noon and once everybody is full of food, we're going to show you guys step by step how to get the most out of your car's finish as well as treating and protecting it.

We will also have Paintless Dent Repair being done on-site for this event. Johnny Dents' mobile service will be on-site from 10a to 1p to do PDR repair for anybody in need. Right now we have about 5 people lined up for work. With a large enough turnout, anybody who gets work done on their vehicle will get 10% off the job! For more info on Johnny Dents please check out their website.

Planned steps / techniques to demo
  • Washing and drying, including how to use the sheeting method to improve drying times.
  • Proper clay bar use
  • Polishing using 1 or 2 stage polish and with a random orbital polisher
  • Application of a glaze coat.
  • Applying sealant
  • Using carnauba wax
  • Leather cleanup and conditioning
  • Wheel and tire cleaning
  • Cleanup and conditioning of exterior plastic trim
The detailing event will be held at our club's usual shop location.<blockquote>Shop Meet Address:

154 North Cooper Rd
Building 500
West Berlin, NJ 08091-9128
Camden County, USA

Google Maps

The shop is located off Cooper Rd, which intersects with Rt 73, a major artery for our area, easily accessible from 295 or the NJ Turnpike.
The Building is on the left-hand side once in the complex, the meet takes place on the 'backside' of the building, where the garage doors are located, so don't go to the front of the 500 building come right around back. Its the 3rd building on the left. We're located next to Fire Design.
</blockquote>We'll have Q&A so post up any questions you might have in advance and we'll do our best to address them. And thanks to the co-sponsorship by Detailed Image, we are having a free raffle for each stage of the demonstration. All you need to do is attend and put your name in!

Planned PrizesBest of all, everybody who attends will be given a promo code for that will be good for 15% off your order through the end of July!

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Slight update to the PDR. Due to a personal scheduling conflict Johnny will be there from 10a to 1p.

Also, as an FYI to everybody, we do have a bathroom (if anybody was worried) and the forecast is calling for some scattered showers and a high of 82. Nothing serious, but we'll be doing 90% of the demo inside the garage area out of the direct sun so a light sprinkle won't affect anything and everybody can stay dry.
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