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JIC strut tower brace

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I want to order one today or tomorrow but want to know if anyone knows a good vendor to go thru? I'd rather buy one from a vendor on the 350z sites than just buying it off the web. Thanks! (Julian I pm'd you about this....)
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Why don't you want the stock one jinxxy? Gonna track Lucy?
Well now that you mention it we ARE taking her to the track on Sept 18 if they have spots open for open lapping day, we know the owner so it should be no biggie. But this is all Doug's doing, we want the CF one!!! That is the real reason, MORE CF!!!!!!!! Plus he liked Julian's when he saw it at spring meet....I told you I was letting Doug pick some stuff out for Lucy...I don't know what's next but he gave me some MONEY to spend on Lucy (he's been a bad grumpy boy so I get to spend $ on Lucy as a consolation prize!)
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I highly recommmend Avalon Racing. Call Paul and ask him about it. The price is great and the service is Top Notch. I flew out from Texas and picked my car up from them in New Hampshire last year.....loved the drive back through Pennsylvania.
Thanks! Their price on the net was almost the lowest, but the guy at told me that JIC said they only have the D shaped ones and not the flat ones. That is the one that I want, so I'll give your guy a call. Thanks again!! Yeah, the twisties on the PA TPK are wicked arent' they??? Fun Fun Fun!
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