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JIC Magic Exhaust

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Has anyone heard this ? Looks like it might be loud, but full titinium and single pipe will he huge weight savings.



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I have the stainless steel one on order....but haven't got it yet

It should be loud...but not Ricer loud...
let me know how it sounds.. get a sound clip if possible because i am debating still.
God, I love those Ti tips...I'm also curious to hear what it sounds like
Here's my old thread about it, I'm still not sure if I want to get it or not.
its deep and strong sounding... like borla sound but beefier...

Jason, how much is shipping to australia?
how does the 3" pipe couple with the stock y-pipe?
i wouldn't think it would be able to...when i get home i can check though b/c i have a 3" b-pipe(japtrix) laying in the garage w/the stock y-pipe...and i can see if they mate up...i doubt it though...i'll post tonight once i get home
I think you are supposed to get the jic y-pipe, since it's one of the biggest restrictions and it's **** heavy. Also as far as I know the piping for the exhaust is 80mm for the exahust and it muches the 80mm jic y-pipe.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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