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It Finally Came!

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After waiting 3 months, my Varis intake duct arrived last week Thursday. So after getting the hardware yesterday, I installed it as soon as I got home from work today. Okay, so the hard part was taking a very sharp razor knife and cutting into the bumper. But once you start, it's not that painful.
Anyway, it came out well. I did use button stainless steel hex screws and lock nuts instead of the screws the duct came with. I also heated the screws to blue the finish. I may change them out, making a darker finish later. The lady sounds real nice, as she can be heard better, especially when she clears her throat!

A Hui Hou



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awesome! its always fun installing new toys :)
Looks Great - I wanted to put one on after the Group Buy (missed the GB). Question for all of you that have this - how much moisture passes to the PopCharger - any issues?
very nice, where did you get that and how much was it?!
Aloha PaulO!!!! That looks awesome and I'd be :nervous: to cut into my bumper too, but I may be doing it soon for my grille :ahhh: Great work!!! :clap: :wavey:
wow that looks great where did you get it and how much is it???

I wouldnt think moisture would get near the filter, as its a good foot away from the opening. You'd probably have to be doing +100 speeds to get water near the intake filter.. which in the rain, you most likely won't be doing more than ~65.
Sorry for taking so long for the reply.
The duct was $140 (not group buy) from Bulletproof Automotive and shipping to Hawaii from CA was $7 via priority mail. Got the stainless button hex bolts, washers and locknuts from Home Depot. Used a Mapp torch to blue the bolts
Jinxxy, it only hurts when you first make the cut, so just take a deep breath, use a brand new blade (I used an exacto razor), go slow and use both hands for control.

A Hui Hou

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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