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Interior cleaner

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I use Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner to clean almost anything. This stuff gets stains out of carpet and fabric, and really makes the plastics look new again.

Much cheaper than some fancy car cleaner, and is readily available at any grocerie store.

Door panels
kick panels
dash, seats
hatch area
engine bay
and more!
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You use that on your new leather seats???

I have another little trick you might be interested in...Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! Takes the scuff marks off your door sills. I use those in my interior to clean (not the leather tho). All I do after using them is wipe down w/ a wet microfiber towel afterwards.


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no i dont use it on the leather had me worried for a minute! LOL I wouldn't laugh at you using scrubbing bubbles, I'd just laugh at the person who spent $100 to acheive the same results you got w/ $2.50! LOL
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<span style="color:darkblue">Sheesh, jinxx, first you start passing around links to photos of Josh's PPW, and now you think he doesn't know how to take care of his leather seats.
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Only person I PASSED them to was, uh, anyone, bueller? Y-O-U in the privacy of your own email address!!!
And well, read up at the top, it says "dash/seats".....I was slightly worried there...
I meant no harm Josh, just reacting to what I was reading!
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I'm thinking Lexol for the great on the Luccheses (boots).

I was wondering about cleaning that 'textured' interior plastic.....might just give 'Bubbles' a shot.

Any other tips greatly appreciated.
Lionkiller, I use the Z-9 and Z-10 (zaino leather cleaner/conditioner) it's not greasy, and makes the leather smell like new again.

I am sure bubbles will work on the door panels, the mr. clean magic eraser worked wonders for me in this area. My window was left down about 1/2 inch and I got rain streaks on them, (mind you I have frost leather interior, it shows tons of dirt). The door panels are slightly absorbant, so if you are going to treat them w/ protectant (ie/303 or armorall) apply it to a microfiber towel first and apply it that way, they can tend to get blotchy if you spray it right on. After application, use a clean dry MF towel and buff to a matte finish...hope that helps...
Originally posted by jinxxycat@Jul 21 2004, 02:20 PM
Only person I PASSED them to was, uh, anyone, bueller?  Y-O-U in the privacy of your own email address!!!

<span style="color:darkblue">I have no idea what you're talking about.
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who is passing around links ?
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Thanks Jinxxy. I noticed a little 'blotchiness' on the panels...wondered about it. Your hints will indeed help.
Here's the secret.

Use Swiffer Dusters to pass it on the dash, instrument panel, AC, arm rest, etc. (I always keep one in the glove compartment). After that, use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the marks on the dash and the doors. Those are the best thing since sliced bread. Then, use a moist microfiber towel to make sure is clean. I use the Meguiar's High Leather Wipes for my seats. And finally, the magic of Febreeze Auto for the scent. This will not leave the gay scent that carton pines or gels leave on the car for days, instead it gives the car the freshness people enjoy when they get into your car.

Also, there is nothing like a good vacuum to the mats and a scrubbing with a brush and soap.

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