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please post experiences good or bad with Intense inthis thread. thanks
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I am also at the current time dealing with intense, I ordered Hotchkis springs and a test pipes on the 25th of november. I just recieved the springs the other day finally, and the test pipes I was "told" that they wont ship till the end of the month. I have called them several times and Im in afghanistan so its not cheap to call. So we will see what they say at the end of the month, if they are not shipped by the 5th of jan. then I am getting a refund and taking the rest of my business elsewhere.
Let me say this for one, I do understand back orders and yes you did offer me to cancel and I appreciate that. You are right the delay is not holding anything up but at the same time I just want to make sure that nothing gets lost in the system. I also understand the number of calls its the holiday season also so I am sure you guys are slammed, do not take it the wrong way when I am just looking out for my investments in calling often and ensuring that the parts are going to become available. The personnel that I have talked to on the phone have been very helpful and I appreciate that. It also is nice to see that you guys reply to posts and discrepancies on the forum that makes me actually feel better, and I know that you are doing what you can to resolve the situations.
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Just reading some of IntensePowers' responses makes me question their customer service skills.. I placed an order with them back in 2006 and didn't have a problem but I doubt I would order from them now seeing how they react to their problems. The customer is NEVER wrong (even when they are) so there's no need to point out their short comings or anything like that.. who cares if the guy is in Afghanistan.. if he says the order is delaying his car being done.. then it's delaying his car being done... doesn't matter where he's at or if he's in the hospital and won't be able to drive it for a year.. he may have it somewhere and they may not like keeping his car around as they may not have the room for other cars.. or maybe his brother/cousin/friend is driving the car while he's gone (b/c he's a nice guy like that) and that's causing unnecessary downtime for that person with the car. Now I can start to understand why more and more people are giving them a bad rep. Sorry i'm not really smarter on this subject as I've only been in management with a Fortune 17 company and a Fortune 45 company. I know what it's like to take back a $25k order and order the next $25k order and give it away for next to nothing. It hurts but sometimes you just have to take it with a grain of salt, as some small order may just a "testing the waters type of thing" and could turn into a million dollars/year worth of sales from that person. Or in your case maybe a $100 or $500 order that turns into $10k or $20k from that same person in that year. Hopefully we all stop hearing bad things about this company and we start hearing how wonderful their customer service is in the time to come.
This was my exact though, who cares where I am at or if I have the car in the shop or not. I orderd parts and I want them to be delivered! But this story gets better, After calling atleast a dozen times just to make sure they were still tracking the order I was informed that the actual test pipes that I ordered would NOT fit my HR. So in turn, they offered me the Berk test pipes for an extremely discounted price and of course I upgraded to those. Once those were ordered they were delivered in no time, so all in all the delay was actually a good thing since they would have not fit. Now all I have is 26 days till I get home and can start installing all the parts that I have ordered over the last year!!! :hump:
1 - 3 of 91 Posts
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