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please post experiences good or bad with Intense inthis thread. thanks
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They lie to customers give you every story in the book and blame everyone else for there F--- ups. I have delt with them twice and both times was a nightmare. I ordered a polished plenuim and AEM intake silver powdercoat on Nov 3 and 1 1/2 month later still don't have them. gave me a bunch of excuses blaming everyone they just sent me out the AEM intake (guessing to make me happy) and they sent the wrong one (polished.. I wanted gunmetal) called them up giving me bunch of excuses blaming AEM and trying to talk me into keeping the polished one saying it's more expensive!!! I DON"T CARE! I want what i ordered. They said they will call me back to figure out what they wanna do and never got a call! Been calling them all day today and they never answer the phone! I'M going to just cancel the whole order. The first time i delt with them the same thing waiting a month for a NISMO oil cap telling me it a national backorder until i feed up and got it elsewhere. Then when i called for the refund i waited 3 weeks and no refund had to call them again to credit me back! Just the worst stay far away from them TRUST ME!!! :banghead:
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Thanks for the support guys! It just really sucks when you try to start a project and can't because of this kind of BS. I'm doing my complete intake and ordered Mrev2, iso-thermal upgrade, and Silver C/F engine cover ($300 one!!) over at the Z store (they are the best by the way) and received it a week later no problems at all. The intense stuff was order at the same time (AEM and Plenum) and there still f---ing me around. I have 3 days off from work i need to use before the end of the year and wanted to use them for this project. Well forget that i guess. Now i have to cancel the order, send back the wrong AEM they sent me and start all over again to find this stuff somewhere else. When i spoke to Darren over at intense a few weeks ago they said they will give me wholesale prices on my next order because of all of this mix up. I thought wow great this might all be worth the BS because my next purchase is going to be DC sport ceramic headers and Berk H/F cats. But now after sending me the wrong intake and never getting back to me as of today! Screw them.. Never will buy from them again.So do the math folks they need to credit me back $764 for this order and about $1000 on the next order for the headers and cats. That's a lot of F---ing money there losing. And they charge your card before they even ship or see if the stuff is in stock!!!

Well there is a happy ending to all of this ranting. I found the intake over at StatRacing for only $15 more then they where charging and I found a local guy to polish my plenum for $150 Intense wanted $285 Wo Hooo looks like ill be saving some money this x-mas

P.S. NERB i really doubt that AEM is the one to blame. Intense told me that AEM don't make the silver powder coat anymore so AEM made the decision to send me the polished be cause it is more money. If you don't have silver anymore but have gunmetal which is gray!!! Hello why not send gunmetal. Intense messed up and ordered polished from AEM because when they looked at the order real quick they saw POLISHED as in POLISHED INTAKE MANIFOLD not AEM Intake: silver. Anyway let me go call them now and get my money back!!!!
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I'm not trying to bash you guys and i do except the 10 apologies you have given me but that will only get you so far. I want to help the other members here!! You say it's a numbers game and errors happen! This is very true but I have ordered twice in my life from you guys and both times was bad news for me! And since we are talking numbers you forgot to mention to everyone how you not only messed up on the AEM but also the Polished intake manifold. Anyway when i called intense today to tell them i want to cancel my order they tell me i cant because they sent out the intake manifold already and i will have to ship it back and pay 25% restock fee when i ask for the tracking number they put me on hold and then inform me that the shipping department shipped it to the wrong address.. :banghead: Holy crap man what are you guys doing over there!!!

You also stated that you told AEM to send silver the went ahead and sent polished. Isn't this what product codes are for 21-547p polished 21-547b blue 21-547c gunmetal. thats an error on your part! your web site isn't set up that way. If it was i would have what I ordered.. except for the polished intake that is.

Funny how you say numbers game.. I ordered twice from you.. both times = bad. Then i ordered again and you not only messed up one item but both items i ordered. So i guess ordering from you is like playing a game of russian roulette and every time i order from you i shoot myself in the head!!
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