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please post experiences good or bad with Intense inthis thread. thanks
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Originally posted by Cantos@Dec 9 2004, 07:40 AM
I ordered a AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Radiator Panel a few weeks ago. It arrived in a resonable amount of time, but arrived damaged. I called to let them know what had happened and they told me I would have to file a claim with DHL. A couple of things threw up some red flags. One is that it was shipped in a card board box with a thin piece of plastic and a little bit of bubble wrap. When you pick up the box the piece is very loose and could easily be broken. I don't see how that could be considered good shipping practice. They even asked me if I would like to order another, if I didn't want to wait until I got the claim check from DHL. The other thing that bothered me was that when I told the guy about the place that was broken he knew it right of the bat. It kind of lead me to believe it was like that before it was shipped. I ended up buying another one on Ebay from AutoTecknic themselves for less money and shipping, and they assured me that the packaging would adequite. We'll see how much better it is when I get it next week.


this is darren hild. i am the manager of intense motorsports. first of all, i apologize if you received a damaged product. we have been in business for over 5 years and ship 40 packages a day with a full team of shipping/receiving employees. occasionally, just as with any company that ships products, damages happen enroute. as far as us "knowing right off the bat" that is a falacy. we sell dozens of carbon fiber radiator panels a week. how would we know yours specifically was damaged? also, why would we ship a product to you that we knew was damaged? as far as claims go, yes, when a product shows up damaged, the received has to place a claim with DHL. there is a procedure that has to be followed, and we don't make the rules for that. again, my apologies for your experience, however this was a DHL shipping issue, not something that Intense Motorsports did wrong.
Originally posted by mdzowner@Dec 9 2004, 12:42 PM
ive never ordered from them personally because ive heard that their customer service is the worst. ill try ro find the posts on the other forum i visit. all bad. usually you tend to believe it , an you guys a re proving that correct again.

wow, this is great! you've never ordered from us before, but you're posting a reply about other people's experiences. not only that, the link that you posted is from almost 2 years ago!!!!!! i guarantee you that if you call us tomorrow (we're closed right now) you will have superb customer service. guraranteed. i'm sure that any of us can scoure the internet and find multiple negative threads about every vendor. we don't just take people's money and never send them the product. how would we still be in business after 5 years if we did that. yes, we stock thousands of dollars in merchandise (unlike also unlike, we are actually a shop. we have 6600 square feet, in house dyno, full fabrication, and a warehouse. customers send their cars to us from around the world to have them built because we have proven that we can produce. for example, christian rado's '04 V8 four runner is here right now. we built it using a TRD supercharger, nitrous, and AEM EMS standalone computer.

people, please call or email us before believing what other people have said about us. unless you've had a personal negative experience with any company, please stay neutral. posts like this actually hurt people's businesses and their employees! this thread was started by someone in may '04, and only 1 other person had a personal negative experience, which was a DHL issue. the link was to a thread that is almost 2 years old now. time changes things.

i have been managing this company since may and things are much better since my arrival. this is largely due to the fact that i have 5 years of corporate america sales/management experience, and i was very successful at what i did. yes, things were not that great with managing of accounts before i arrived here, but it had to be fixed. coming from corporate america, where everything is automated, i would not be able to work in this environment without order and efficiency.

if i didnt make a believer out of anyone, i'm sorry. i guess you'll just have to call us, email us, or place an order with us and find out for youselves. we are for real.
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Originally posted by HyperSprite+Dec 9 2004, 03:33 PM-->
@Dec 9 2004, 02:06 PM
In their defense,alot of the items they sell are JDM and get shipped in by container from overseas.a very frustrating process..We waited from the end of september till just today to get our APS shipment so if you pre-ordered from us you would say we suck things we have little or no control over..

Maybe... but all it takes is a little communication. I am sure if they had been the ones to email Steve and say "your parts are still in route to our shop" and then "your parts are at the painters" etc, even if it was just a load of bull, at least he would have felt like they were working for him and doing the best they could.

Part of the overall problem is the web has gotten us all used to instant gratification. You click "buy" and you check every day till it shows up, if companies are going to sell stuff on the web, they need to set the expectation at purchase time. A "ships in 24 hours" or "ships from Japan, could take a while" or whatever would help.


before a customer is charged a penny, the status of the product ordered is determined. if we do not have it in stock, we check with the vendor/manufacturer for eta. at that point, if our vendor/manufacturer has it in stock, the customer is charged, and a purchase order is made for the product to be shipped from the vendor/manufacturer. if there is a back order on the product ordered, we determine approximate eta on availabliity. an email is sent and a phone call is made to advise the customer of the availability. the customer then can decide whether or not he/she wants to wait for the product or cancel the order. now, we can only relay what the vendor/manufacturer tells us is eta to the customer. in other words, if veilside tells us next container from japan is scheduled to arrive mid next month, then customs, then shipping, then we tell our customer all of this. containers, because they are being sent from japan, do not always arrive on time. we dont have any control of this. if you look at what we sell on our website, probably 75% is imported from Japan! many of the manufacturers we actually go direct through to get the product. we're not going through 1-2 people to get products. this is an import business. importing anything is not a guranteed science. this is not dell, this is not ibm, this is not best buy. simply clicking on the "buy" button doenst mean that it's in stock. it also doens't mean that you're automatically charged either. again, we don't charge our customers a red cent until we know status of availablity. period. now that's good customer service.
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Originally posted by Daking350Z@Dec 9 2004, 03:06 PM
In their defense,alot of the items they sell are JDM and get shipped in by container from overseas.a very frustrating process..We waited from the end of september till just today to get our APS shipment so if you pre-ordered from us you would say we suck things we have little or no control over..

thanks for this. peace k? lol.
Originally posted by Conceyted@Jan 6 2005, 10:06 PM
Props to intense for stepping up and answering all of these questions. It truly shows a concern for a good name and is a good buisness practice. Although there are mixed reviews about them, after reading the responses it seems pretty clear that they do their best to help. I would order from them.

thank you. i would have replied to this earlier, but just discovered it. we are very very busy, and it takes alot of time to search these things out. we try to support the 350z community as best we can. all of us here at intense have are car enthusiasts. we have a lot of heart and integrity also. we care deeply how people perceive us. it's really important to us. you can ask toykilla, i have had many conversations with him over aim, very late at night, while still working. thanks again though, seriously, it means alot.
Originally posted by Steve350Z+Jan 7 2005, 07:57 AM-->
Originally posted by [email protected] 6 2005, 08:25 PM
@Dec 9 2004, 03:06 PM
In their defense,alot of the items they sell are JDM and get shipped in by container from overseas.a very frustrating process..We waited from the end of september till just today to get our APS shipment so if you pre-ordered from us you would say we suck things we have little or no control over..

thanks for this. peace k? lol.

wow, this was an old thread. let me explain my reasoning for my post. First off the product i did receive was great quality and no problems with it what so ever. I just had an issue about how the customer service was handled. I understand you guys get plenty of orders a day but was stil no reason to not call back or email letting me know there was a problem with my order initially and that it had to be done over. I basically sat in limbo wondering about it. but again that was a few months ago. my initial post was in frustration from getting the run around and my apologies are for that.

yes, it's an old thread. and one that i just stumbled upon yesterday. it's very discouraging to see your thread, because it means we had an unhappy customer. sure, every company has dissatisfied customers, that comes with being in business. from what it sounds like, you ordered in may, when i had just arrived here. all i can say is sorry. my apologies, even if i had no involvement in your order. seriously. my bad. i'll take that on me. customer service is 1000% improved since my arrival here, and i take it very personally if there is any dissatisfaction whatsoever. please give us another chance, i promise to take care of you.
Originally posted by SmoothZ@Jan 6 2005, 10:34 PM
Well said.  This applies to every type of business or service.  In my 'biz' there is a saying: One 'aw ****' can wipe away a thousand attaboys.

It seems a lot of ppl, no thanks to the media and abundance of lawyers, are more focused on the negatives than the positives.  We need to give praise where it's due and keep the rare and negative occurrances to ourselves, unless it happens more than twice (IMO).

thanks! btw, you're preachin to the choir here... lol
Originally posted by toykilla@Jan 6 2005, 10:30 PM
One thing that needs mentioned here which covers ALOT more than just Intense Motorsports.

You will ALWAYS hear complaints about a company stated louder and more often than you will hear PRAISE. Its just human nature. If someone has a bad experience (as well there will be with any and all companies) they will most likely be steamed a bit and vent it on the internet and to their friends. I know I have been tempted to do that on some companies.

I mean look at all the stores you have shopped at over the last year, online, mall, etc.. I am sure 99% of the transactions went flawlessly. You got your CD, DVD, bubble  gum, stereo, or whatever and went on your way. But I doubt you went to the internet and said "WOW, i just went to walmart and bought a notebook for 1.99 and the service was great!." On the other hand, if a transaction went faulty and you got a bad product, and maybe there was some difficulty getting a replacement due to whatever, I bet most people would be a little ticked and take up arms against whoever the vendor was.

Just something to think about. Dont judge a company by what your friend told you or what you read on some forum deep in the corners of the internet. Do research, talk to the vendor themselves, and usually you can tell if they are being straight with you. I have spoken with Darren from Intense a few times and he seems like a straight up guy. The import world is cut throat and product is hard to come buy, so take this for what its worth.

I cant say how many times i have seen this occur. I know im guilty of it, althought i have made it a point to change..

I know i will be ordering from them, as well as other vendors who have had gripes about themselves.

:clap: :thumbsup: :bump:
Originally posted by Sein@Jun 21 2005, 06:33 PM
I always see the stuff about bad venders and I have had nothing but great service from these guys so I thought I would share my latest experience.

I called Intense about two weeks ago and talked to Darren for like 45min about something as simple as a exhaust. I told him my future plans and the types of systems I was interested in, and since he gets to look at all of them, I also asked his opinion. Not one time did he put me on hold for 10min or take the deep breath like hurry up mofo. We just talked like he was a friend of mine that worked at a shop. I ended up going with the JIC magic spartan type 2. He said it was in stock and about three day later my girl calls me at work to tell me it was here.  :irock:  :irock: I can't say enough about Intense great company and good customer service. I give them :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup: Darren is also 350Z owner, and I could not be more happier with the exhaust choice.

Thanks man!!!


This is Darren. Wow!!!! Thanks alot man! It's very rare, as you say, that people post about their positive experiences with a vendor. But yeah, when I get a 350z question, or questions, I'm happy because I also own one! Also, I'm not really a ture "salesman" either, meaning, I'm not going to push you into something or sell you a bunch of crap that you don't need. We very much appreciate this post. I hope other's enjoy it as well. Thanks again! :yourock:
Originally posted by lionkiller@Aug 24 2005, 12:03 PM

Ordered a grounding kit....form said $12 shipping, so I put "shipping seems high" in the comments section.  The guys knocked off $4 & sent me a free Teeshirt wit the kit.

:cheers: Thanks Guys


I just found your post.. yes, better late then never... ahahah.. This is Darren. Thanks for the post! Yes, I remember your order. All orders go through me, and if I see a comment like that I strongly consider it. The T-Shirt was just iceing.. ahahah. Thanks again! :clap:
Originally posted by lionkiller+Sep 9 2005, 10:10 AM-->
Originally posted by [email protected] 8 2005, 06:57 PM
@Aug 24 2005, 12:03 PM

Ordered a grounding kit....form said $12 shipping, so I put "shipping seems high" in the comments section. The guys knocked off $4 & sent me a free Teeshirt wit the kit.

:cheers: Thanks Guys


I just found your post.. yes, better late then never... ahahah.. This is Darren. Thanks for the post! Yes, I remember your order. All orders go through me, and if I see a comment like that I strongly consider it. The T-Shirt was just iceing.. ahahah. Thanks again! :clap:

Right on, Darren. No good deed goes unpunished! :goodtimes:

Hehehehe... :cheers:
Thank you for all of the positive feedback guys and gals. We appreciate the continued support!!!! :yourock: :shiftdrive:
Glad to hear about your positive experience.
QUOTE (Jshaff @ Jun 18 2008, 07:00 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=537986
Acutally having a horrible experience. I ordered a set of Borla Headers for my car and they deducted the money the same day as i placed the order which was on the 5th of this month. After going around and around i finally got a tracking number that has been sitting there showing an unknown status. I called Fed ex and they said that there was no package schedule for pick up with them. Its now the 18th and i don't even have a package being sent to me yet..... :xZ!o:
Good speaking with you on the phone.. hope all is resolved as it is unfortunate when a manufacture drops the ball and it reflects or trickles down. Thank you for the understanding and support.
QUOTE (teh215 @ Jun 23 2008, 04:47 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=539570
Did he buy the product from you?

Product was purchased from us and we have spoken to the customer about the purchase. It was to have drop shipped from Borla however they did not and did not communicate in a timely manner of the insufficient parts. A credit on his card will be applied and an email has also been sent along with the phone correspondence with this customer.

We strive to provide the best customer service possible and will continue to do so of course. Thank you for the response and if there are any further questions or needs from anyone feel free to contact us at 480-926-8797 9am-5pm AZ time {Phones off from 12noon-1pm} or email me at [email protected]
Ok to keep this short.

Mistakes happen in this industry especially when drop ships happen. Interesting you say we should've just assumed to send you Gunmetal when you ordered Silver. WOW. Bottom line we ordered silver from AEM and THEY sent you Polished They no longer make Silver (They did not notify us of that BTW) and there lies the dilemna. AEM assumed to send you polished and you didn't want that, poor judgment on their part to do so but, when you say we should've done the same thing with gunmetal that is fairly perplexing.. DONE! that's the truth and that's it. Now for the final solution on the order, you are being fully refunded, we apologized for the mess up and delays. You will and are being taken care of now, obviously not the outcome we prefer but, being taken care of none the less.

Next the Resonated pipes are indeed B/O til end of month. If you would like to cancel you are more than welcome to do so. We are always on the customers side with these back orders and delays. The pipes will absolutely arrive for your vehicle.

I do have a question ... if you are in Afg. how is the b/o delaying your vehicle? Either way LMK how you would like to be taken care of and we will do that for you.

Keep in mind please that we have 5 lines here and they are slammed all day. We have 3 of us up front this is not a multi million $$$$ corporation like AEM or K&N etc. We are human as well and subject to Human error, ours and others.

Also keep in mind that errors are also subject to number of transactions. So mom and pop store #1234 takes 10 orders over a month they shouldn't have issues with errors. takes 100's of orders every month and YES errors can happen, it's a numbers game especially when drop ships are involved. Customer service???? If a manufacture doesnt update or communicate with us it is near impossible to keep up on every single ordr thus the creation of drop shipping and creating a relationship with the manufacture. they are human too and mistakes happen.

You can't win em all but, we do try. In this economy follow up phone calls have more than tripled on smaller and smaller orders creating more and more work along with less and less margins. basically this equals 3 times more work for less money than before. People are stressed and it rains down to us as well. we are enthusiatts as well and feel the pain of waiting, please keep this in mind when wanting to Bash us the folks who work here on transactions and delays. We do try our best unfortunately the best isn't always good enough.
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I'm going to just put this out there. take it for what you will but, I don't walk on egg shells with my words... ever.

Ever heard of the saying "The sh*t rises to the top"
This is soooooo true in this industry.

Sure there are comments on service not being what the customer hoped for and even a thread or two here or there started about it... funny how even when multiple people chime in saying they've never had an issue or we have GREAT service that it gets skipped over and the bandwagon jumps in with their comments. Most of the comments coming from those that haven't even dealt with us or from other shops(affiliations), moreover; usually it one or two people in the thread that continually bump it adding comment after comment even after they have expressed their thoughts on the subject again Raising the sh*t to the top(Bumping)

To the Fortune Company man, you surely are aware that you can not please em all and that even when you try your hardest and do everything in your power to make it right from the beginning... sh*t happens. We are a small company not a multi-million dollar FORTUNE company or manufacture for that matter, we do our best to help everyone and offer the best service for the best prices possible.

We service dozens and dozens of orders a day, this is something that MOST companies in our industry CAN NOT say. It stands to reason that the more volume you do the more propensity there is to have a complaint here or there.

For the soldier overseas we did bend backwards and even lost money on his order to ensure he was happy with the outcome, the fact that he ordered a part for his vehicle that was wrong had nothing to do with Intense as the description clearly stated what motor the pipes would work with. In this rare instance the back order actually saved time and more headache for us and the customer.

There's always 2 sides to a story and again we do strive to achieve positive feedback which we have TONS of out there. It's just the sh*t rising to the top again, for every ONE poor comment there are actually multiple positive comments on the web but, no one cares to acknowledge those do they?

We do our best to respond to threads of all sorts good or bad, funny how this thread was bumped by someone who had a positive transaction (Mr. Fortune) yet didn't have anything positive to say. While we appreciate the criticism as it helps us become a stronger better company, the conotation in your post is definitely perceived as negative. Perception is everything?

Thanks- Pete (Sales Manager
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