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please post experiences good or bad with Intense inthis thread. thanks
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finally got a shipping number today. after three weeks of nothing. supposed to be here Wednesday. I will wait and see
well, items arrived today. i got the central 20 style headlight covers and had them paint it, color match is right on. now i just have to find the best way to attach them since they did not come with any 2 sided tape (which i think makes it stick up off the headlight too much anyway).
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@Dec 9 2004, 03:06 PM
In their defense,alot of the items they sell are JDM and get shipped in by container from overseas.a very frustrating process..We waited from the end of september till just today to get our APS shipment so if you pre-ordered from us you would say we suck things we have little or no control over..

thanks for this. peace k? lol.

wow, this was an old thread. let me explain my reasoning for my post. First off the product i did receive was great quality and no problems with it what so ever. I just had an issue about how the customer service was handled. I understand you guys get plenty of orders a day but was stil no reason to not call back or email letting me know there was a problem with my order initially and that it had to be done over. I basically sat in limbo wondering about it. but again that was a few months ago. my initial post was in frustration from getting the run around and my apologies are for that.
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1 - 5 of 91 Posts
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