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intake and exhaust ..?

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i am new to the whole japan scene...i went from a 20th anniversary a 350 z...hmmmm i was wondering if anyone could give any good adive to what intake and exhaust to run on my 05 35th anniv z??? best sounding and performnce...any replies would be great thanx
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Well you certainly picked a winner! :clap: My best advice would be to 1. decide what exactly you want out of this combo, would it be gains, looks or both? 2. Research as many as you can 3. Set a budget on what you want to spend.

These things will help you narrow down your decision. The gains will be minimal, a few hp here a few hp there, but the biggest difference will be in a/sound and b/looks. So decide if you want a LOUD exhaust, or a nice low grumble as well.

Research and personal preferences are key...


As for hp gains you arent looking at much. Go with what you think sounds and looks best to you.
the borla + test pipes spunds amazing IMO
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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