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Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has some idiot-proof instruction on how to remove the wheel well and install these. I just don't want to mess up anything.

Do I need to jack up the car?

Do I need to take off the front bumper?

How exactly does the wheel well come out (with pics please)?



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I replaced mine without taking the wheel wells off. I removed the undercar cover and reached over. went really easy.

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Left (US Driver) side installation:
1. Turn your wheel all the way to the right.

2. Use a minus screwdriver to remove the front part of the inner wheel wall. Make enough clearance for you to reach the OEM reflector.

3. Use a short ¡§plus¡¨ (i.e. Philip) screwdriver to unscrew 2 screws holding the reflector.

4. Pull out the OEM reflector.

Right (US Passenger) Side Installations:

1. Remove right side front bumper snaps.

2. Turn the wheels to the left.

3. Remove front part of the wheel wall.

4. Remove the screw holding the bumper.

5. Remove the following bumper snaps.

6. Pull the bumper forward. So you can see the OEM reflectors.

7. Remove 2 screws holding the reflector.

8. Pull off the OEM reflector.

You don't have to remove your front bumper to install the sidemarkers, but it would make life MUCH easier , especially if you don't have the "S" shaped phillip screwdriver for the passenger side ( window washer fluid bottle being in the way)
.. Drivers side is no problem and should take you 10 minutes tops..
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