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After I spent the morning having the Z Lowered and Stiffened (see suspn section), I dropped by my friendly Tire and Wheel store.

I had made a few calls off the internet contacts I saw here and was better armed with info since my last visit. The staff could tell I believe that I knew what I wanted and pretty much what I was and wasn't willing to pay.

I like the Volk wheels I had seen at another business but couldn't really get those down where I wanted to be $$$ wise, especially doing all the mods I want to do with the extra cash I have.

So I spoke to the manager about the Axis Mods 20s, said here's the price I got last time in and here's what I'll pay. A drop of about $250. He said ok and I handed him the keys to pull the Z in.

The Volks were $600 higher on the 1st price and were 19"ers, I really wanted in the long run I very happy with the Mod7 in 20" and the BFG KDW meats in 255/35 & 285/30....and a heck of a good deal.

Driving home after a day Modding I was very pleased with the overall out come and I believe the Z looks killer with it's new Feel, Stance and Shoes.

Exhaust and Lip are to come.
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