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install shops in DFW?

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any suggestions on shops to recommend to install parts. i have to have someone look at my test pipes b/c of the rubbing issue. just want to make sure that everything is installed right since i get that rubbing noise every once in a while.
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your borla is welded crooked.. how many times do i have to point that out?
ight im gonna kung foo yo a$$
we can set aside a day and work on it again.. but icant bend your borla back.. all we can do is put that bracket on, but even then i dont think its going to line up.. but we can try..

we need to finish your lights, and put my springs on... also we will have a few more goodies ariving
<span style="color:darkblue">I want more goodies to be arriving. I think I get to order an exhaust soon
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ok sounds good just let me know when you want to do all these goodies!!

its annoying to me to have parts rattle or not put on properly
I'd like to familiarize myself with a local that can install/inspect/repair any aftermarket parts for the Z. If they sold Z parts for a good price, that would also be a huge benefit.

I tried giving 350ZForums in Fort Worth a shot over and over again but nor Dave or his crew is experienced in calling people back or keeping promises.

Does anybody know of someone that they can recommend???

ATS racing in denton!! tell them we sent ya!!
also Alamo Autosports in Arlington, The ower Brice has owned several Z's. And you need to see his Evo

817) 860 4300
You guys are great! Thanks for your help, I will definitly check these guys out. I've been out to Alamo before with a Volkswagen and they were great as they had a guy that specifically worked on Volkswagens and did a great job.

Now I'm curious about this guy's Evo :biggrin:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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