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hi guys

my name is Mark and i am from Sydney, Australia.

later this year i will be the proud owner of a Black V35 350GT and i cant wait till it arrives from japan.

anyway, i love what you guys are doing over in America with these cars and need your help!

i found these pictures of a g35 infinity and was wondering if you can tell me more info on this particular car? like a website or something?

it is my inspiration for when my ride arrives.

what rims are they? they look like SSR professors can anyone confirm?

also does this car have a bodykit, if so what bodykit is it? or has the front grill just been replaced?

thanks for the help guys!


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yeh it is awesome aye!

ok so SSR Professors it is.

that bottom lip... could it be a nismo item? i see the nismo kit is just basically lips and extensions.

it makes it hard to see becasue everything on the car is black! does anyone have any idea where that car is from?

here is a picture of my old ride... the poor thing met the back of a nissan pulsar 3 weeks ago after the prick decided to turn out infront of me. not happy it was a 3 year labour of love. 250rwkw sr20det!

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hey guys how has everyone been doing?

i have been doing a bit of research and as it turns out they are NOT SSR Professors.

They are actually "Junction Produce Scala Japan" Rims - they cost around $1100USD PER RIM in 19 x 9.5 and 19 x 10.5

i guess ive found them. looks like it is going to cost me a bit to get them to Australia. oh well there is always a first for everything aye! :)

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