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OK here goes...

I volunteered to do a test fitting for INJEN back in December for the new straight tip exhaust, so they gave me a CAI for my time. They called me again for more test fittings, so I asked if I could get the new exhaust for a good price. They told me $250 (their cost). I was like 'WOW Thanks." My car got in an accident and something under the car was disaligned, so they couldn't put the prototype exhaust on for me. They told me to come back whenever I get my car fixed and they'll put it on, no problem. When I finally get my car out of the shop, I call them and they say 'Oh, the exhaust is not done yet. I'll look to see if we have another prototype for you." I waited and waited and never got a call back.

About a month ago, I call Ron @ INJEN and leave him a few messages asking about the exhaust and still no callbacks. I got to talk to him today and he told me he could NOT give me an exhaust because they were out of stock and in a month there will be more. I was like "I understand" being that everyone was waiting for months. Then I asked "Is the $250 price you told me still good?" and he says "No I can't do that, I can do $450 though. We aren't making any money on the $450." I was thinking back to what he said back in December about $250 is their cost to make an exhaust. I didn't really want to argue over $200. So he said call him back in a month, and we'll see. If they sell out again, what happens to my exhaust? I don't think I'm gonna get one until the demand goes down. BTW, it's not so much about the raised cost, it's about going back on his word.

It sucks how when they asked me to come for test fittings, its one day notice and I am still more than willing to be there, but when I ask for my 'reward', I'm put on the back burner.

Hopefully, one day I will get one.

Ok I'm done thanks for listening.

Please don't flame me, I'm just sharing my experience.

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no flames here. It is a shame that big companies that do stuff like this for our cars have to treat the little guy badly, i mean we are the ones that buy the products. Hope things work out for the best
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