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I'm not one to normally post "OMG, check it out y0!", but this time I have to. Aside from my roll bar install, this mod has me leaving a ****-eating grin on my face.

Install was a bitch, mainly because many of the nuts refused to come off (one of the muffler bolts was bent). I turned on the car once I had the exhaust off, and good lord does the car rumble with an open exhaust (no cats)... Unfortunately, I had to turn off the car within a few seconds in fear of my tires getting slashed last night.

Once I got the exhaust on, I turned the key, and the Z came to life with an aggressive rumble. Took my roommate for a spin, and his response "I thought this **** was going to be ricey, but instead your car means business. But it doesn't sound as good as my bike" (he's comparing it to his RC51 race bike with blinging titanium / carbon exhaust
). The exhaust definitely turns heads, and is a bit loud for most people's taste. Power gain is noticable, but I don't want to speculate numbers. The oil finish / coating is still burning off, and as I passed my neighbors who witnessed me swearing during the install, their comments:
Husand: "Sounds awesome!"
Wife: "Smells awful!"

My only complaint about the exhaust is how low it hangs in the rear. While I haven't scraped it, I do worry about speed bumps. Photos to come this evening...
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