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Infamous Color Poll!

Infamous Color Poll!

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which color did u buy or like?
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Silverstone is missing the 'r' just FYI
Fixed. :irock:

Jaysen I'm upset.... Where is the Ultra Yellow! :cry:
It's alright.... It means I'm special :biggrin:
Fixed. Now you can vote! :irock:

No PPW?? COME ON GUYS!! Where is Dave or Josh?
I already voted a long time ago. It's ok, I like the fact that we're in the minority. Less PPW = rare sightings.

LeMans Sunset is still 15rwhp faster.... :nana:
Whatevah!!!!! :nunchuk:
BTW, I added more colors to the poll. Now more people can vote what they have or what their favorite color is...

Where are all the new colors?
another DB lover ;) and tied for the #2 spot.


BTW Ronin...I'm pregnant.
Whoa! TMI!
Four new colors have been added to the poll!!!!!!!!!!!
QUOTE (Killerbunny @ May 22 2009, 10:33 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=576352
Ugh. Silverstone is the majority. God I wish I had bought PPW or Daytona.
:biggrin: Both of those colors were my top choices when I was shopping for my Z. PPW won my heart.
Poll updated and Solar Orange was added. Sorry about that.
1 - 9 of 110 Posts
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