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Import Face-Off in Louisiana

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Went to IFO at No Problem Raceway. There was supposed to be a Drag Event, a car show, a drift event and the usual other stuff. ie midgets beating the crap out of each other and Bikini contest. I was there early, they opened up a portion of the road course to the public. $10 for 5 laps, That was a blast. Mostly 240's attemting to drift but fun to watch. I took the G35 out and got tired of following . So I attempted to pass. In the end spun the car, **** Rain :doh: But by far the best $10 I have spent. I stuck around for a while, but the civic and celica showcase was not enough to hold my interest. Plus the Caddy crowd showed up and apparently a couple fights occured after that. I am just too old for all that crap. They had a real nice 350Z with a ton of Carbon and NISMO goodies. Anyone know who that is, the car is Beautiful.


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****, 10 bux for 5 laps on a road course?! Ahhhh I wish there was somethin like that in the NYC area..
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