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I'm Home, and there are on..

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Great to see you back home Donny! Thse rims look awesome!
Alright, Donny! :bow: That's a sweet setup! There's a DB here in town that has those in 18's.
****, those rims are sweet
Very nice Donny...that is a great looking wheel set.

Glad you're back & hope your dog is doing better.
:irock: NICE RIMS!

R they polished silver or hyper black? I got a set of hyper black 18's from "wheel guyz" for my daytona blue. Same reactions as your, SIMPLY LOVEZ IT!

glad to have you back and safe to!! they look great!!
Looks great.....the car's lowered, right?

Roger that man, She's lowered with Eibach Pro kit
where did you get them? they look great on ppw. i found a set but i dont think i want to buy them from the guy who's selling them. ive been searching those rims for some time im jealous. :yourock:
I love those rims! Nice job Donny!
Looks great man, they look good on the PPW :thumbsup:

PM Sent...
That looks really really sweet. :biggrin:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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