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Idle loop

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I have a brand new car, I noticed the idle on my car jumps up and down very slightly. Is that normal or is something wrong with the car? Like a misfire?
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Completely normal. I was able to get a steady idle after installing a grounding kit. It allows the ECU to recieve a better signal from the hundreds of engine sensors.
I've noticed this on several cars lately. Found somewhere on the internet that one of the ways the 2nd o2 sensors that monitor cats work is by the ECU intermittently and only very slightly raising and lowering the A/F ratio at idle in order to see the response back from the sensor; kind of a self test feature.

My female friends Supercharged 350z shows this 'cause you can watch the A/F and the rpms swing slightly at idle and they seem to be in synch with each other.
Is it better off to leave it or fix the problem?
I don't think it's a problem more of a failsafe kinda thing for the O2 sensor if it's like CaptainCall says it is.
Unfortunately, zeds all over the world do this. Nissan will tell you it is 'normal'.

You can get the idle bumped up by 100-200 rpm and it should get rid of some roughness.

I don't know about everyone else, but to me a car of this calibre should have a better idle! Nissan really got this car so right, yet so wrong!!!!
Maybe by 2008 they will have addressed this and other issues.

I completely agree with you, I refuse to buy another Nissan ever again because the car is put together so poorly. Here is a small list of problem I am having so far

#1 Rear strut brace squeeking
#2 Idle loop
#3 Noisy engine
#4 Weird seat adjustment (it seems like onme side will move into place, and then the other one would be in a different psot and you have to sit on it to pop it in right
#5 Weird clutch plate
#6 Mis-aligned gas lid
#7 Tweeters problem
#8 Weird noise when you first move
#9 Clunky shifter

Sorry to hear... lemme guess, an 03? First year models always have issues.. its not just a Z thing.
Nope, 04 built in 7/04 and purchased new with 12 miles on it on Dec 20, 2004. There is simply no excuses for it, Nissan's quality is only slightly better than the american cars. Now that I think about it, I should have bought the new Boxster instead.
New boxster is going to be almost 20k or more. Cant compare the 2 cars.
New boxster is going to be almost 20k or more. Cant compare the 2 cars.
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I know it will be more expensive, but it probably wouldnt be build as $hitty than the z
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