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i want supercharge

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ok i dont know which one to pick
which one should i go with, anyone has any suggestions?
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man all that stuff of blowing up engines is getting me scared!


So far as I know, Stillen has not blown any engines. The polished unit looks sweet too...
Out of Stillen, ATI, Vortech, HKS, I picked Vortech. It seemed to be the best all around kit. The Stillen is very reliable, but gives you a little less power, ATI is a nice kit and has a lots of potential to be upgraged, but has no timing and fmu solution that comes with it, HKS seems to be great but its a little $$$, would rather go TT, and they say its not recommended to have any mods on your car. Vortech is showing nice gains, not to loud, has a ECU piggy-back that solves timing and FMU problems ( pretty much a compleat kit) Pretty safe for the car if you keep it a stock boost.

my 2cents
Standard questions...
Price limit?
Power goal?
Me likey the VORTECH!!!!!!!!!
i also chosed vortech , very compleat and power full kit!!! hahaha :OMG:
Turbonetics single turbo. Too much lag with centrifugal superchargers. They make all their power at top end and I like torque.

All superchargers lose too much power through the pulleys and things. I like the idea of just moving air :)

If I had to go with a supercharger instead of a turbo though, Vortec would be my choice.
is it true that the vortech supercharge is for manual 350z's only?

Thanks for the helpful post!
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