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I have a dirty Z

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So I'm a bit of a fanatic to say the least like most of you when it comes to my Z. A lot of people say that I clean it too much. Well, I was keeping a log on when I would detail my car on Autopia but they removed that option. Oh well, I guess people are correct I do detail a whole lot. I started doing this on the little note pad on this site. What really surprised me is that I have gone 37 DAYS without a DETAIL :headshake: The last time I actually washed was Nov. 18 but I also applied NXT and Pinnacle Souveran that day. After that she dusted then QD and that was it.

I guess I haven't really been driving her since I just got back from vacation. Plus, we have had some rainy days followed by several inches of snow. Last night she was finally caught in the rain since I had to drive her to work.

I hate having a dirty Z. :headshake:
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:cry: I have a dirty Z too................I am fanatically obsessive about my baby too, but no garage.......FINALLY got to wash her yesterday on lunch break (it was close to 50 degrees, took her out a few days to work to stretch legs......) but now she is back in the driveway in the rain.......ugh :vomit: I hate driving her dirty too, it's like, she gets mad at me lol But, the winter dirty days are almost to an end, just ordered a Covercraft Weathersheild HD for her for the winter, hope there is at least one warm day after I get it, can't put that sucker on a dirty Z.....when i spring coming again? LOL :wavey:
Me, too. I honestly can't remember the last time I really detailed her. Plan on doing something about that today.
My shift is dirty as all ****. Bad weather here in NM. bahh....I'll wash it next year!
Ok so I'm not only one driving a dirty Z.

You know it's weird because it seems like she's not running as well if she's dirty. :headshake:

Z car washing is a tiresome exercise routine. Keep it up and it will get you in shape and beautifies that awsome ride!
I love washing the Z and detailing her. It's therapeutic and relaxing and a workout, all at the same time. I usually do it at least once per week, but that's in the seasons other than winter.

I just took her to the car wash yesterday and sprayed her down (no brush). The dirt came off like a dirty waterfall. I was afraid to wipe her down, so I just drove her to the house and parked her in the garage. She looks relatively clean.

I can't wait for the first good day or week in the spring when I can do a full detail and get her to sparkle again.
OMG :headshake: I finally had a chance to wash her today after 56 days of no wash or detail. Today was the warmest it has ever gotten here at around 40 degrees in the afternoon. The water of course was a different story. For the sake of having her CLEAN I sucked it up and washed. ****, I feel so much better now. :thumbsup:
So hard to keep it clean during the winter with all of the road salt and all and as cold as its been lately, there is little chance of me standing out in 30 degree weather and washing it.

Ughhh. How I hate the winter months....
Me too. We had ice here on Saturday so the roads still have loads of gravel on them and it's super dusty everywhere. :furious:

We're supposed to get some sun this coming Saturday so I'm hoping to wash/wax my baby preparation for another week straight of rain. :headshake:

But at least I might get one nice to day to go out and :shiftdrive:
Well I actually had a chance to detail her inside and out today. It was cloudy but it was a nice 42 degree temp. Unfortunately my roommate ran over the hose and his truck wouldn't start so I couldn't remove his tires off the hose. :banghead:
So, I took my wash bucket and supplies to the car wash and washed her there. People were looking at me a little strange because I had my wash bucket. I even had time to go over some QD on her and put her mask back on. Hopefully I will have a chance to apply a couple of coats of wax.
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