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I'm in contact with one of the major Nissan dealerships here in Minneapolis, and I am going to coordinate a large Z event for the enthusiasts in our clubs. I think we should start marking our calendars early and plan on making it to this event in the works. I figured that if we start planning it out now, we can shoot for an August or September date.

Obviously, the dealership will more than likely allow us space to park our cars and hold the event. I'm going to assume that most of us will have some Saturday off or at least plan on taking it off for this. Maybe we can incorporate a rally to and from the location and set up something like a treasure hunt.

Anyway, I will keep you all updated in this thread and will also welcome ideas from any of you in the Twin Cities who are willing to participate, show up, help out, etc. We should also consider making a collection to help defray the costs or somehow make the club official with dues and what not.

All comments are welcome.
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