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hows this for an upgraded hid

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saw this on another forum im on
anyone know this guy.
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Not sure how much I like those.
That's different. Not my favorite.
WOW! I actually thought of doing the same thing about 1.5 years ago when I saw a Lexus GS with the same conversion. I would like it more if he left the inside of the housing still chrome instead of black (so it would loook a little more factory). I think it looks nice overall.
In terms of the looks of the headlights, I actually like the Z's stock HIDs. And so far, they've been bright enough for me that I don't need to move up to something more powerful. Although the Z has spoiled me. I can't see sh!t in the Si at night
hmm im not feeling it at all, but it is different!!
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I found the Lexus GS website with the same conversion. Click on the link with the picture of the headlight in the middle of the page:
That looks cool, 'rally style'.
not really feeling it at all. i think it was the eddie bauer label on it
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Me no likey...:p
Different, I'd have to see it in person first.
They look like gattlen guns. I wonder how they look at night??
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