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[HOW-TO] Motordyne Plenum Spacer

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Thanks to HyperSprite for sending me this.
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Soo, does anyone know how to find this company on the net?? Do they even have a webpage? And what are the costs/dyno figures for the spacer?
Motordyne Engineering is the company, Hydrazine (Tony) is the guy and I don't think they have a website. He is a G35 owner and I believe there is a group buy right now on, you could also try PMing him on 350Zmotoring, do some searches over there for the couple of dyno runs etc. I am going to a dyno day but have a few other mods so I wont have a definitive this is how much difference it makes type of thing. If the GB is still on I believe the price was 150 (normally 200) for the kit 1/4 inch kit that fits the Z (without the bar you can go to a 3/4 kit). I paid full price but he refunded me the difference when the GB came up. He is a stand up guy in my book.

What'd you end up with on the dyno?
The dyno day is on the 19th, I am waiting patiently to find out the results, as stated above though, I have other mods so who knows.

great product, great guy!! I definitely recommend doing business with Tony. He's an A+ in my book
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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