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[HOW-TO] Center Console Molding / Fiberglassing

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Looks great Josh. Cant wait to see the finished product especially when you get the seats to match.
nice work man, i cant wait until u get it painted!!
^bump^ (tutorial updated.. console painted and installed)
Wow that is crazy, what type of double din unit did u use I think i might have to pick one up
<span style="color:darkblue">I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he used the Kenwood Xcelon DDX7015</span>
Yeah that is it Dirn
Yes i used the Kenwood DDX7015. It doesnt fit the opening so i used fiberglass and bondo to mold a perfect fit. Had the body shop spray it to match the car. You could have it vinyl or leather wrapped also.
that thing is SICK! can u use a navigation dvd with that or no?
yep he can use navigation with it if he buys the add ons for it
how did u get the blue backlighting behind the climate control nobs? or is that stock.. sorry i am in the market for a z!! but hard to decide between Z and rx-8
sorry, the blue rings area an illusion, they are the stock silver guages.

yes it can be used as a navigation piece with an addon purchased.
where did u get the harness for your double din console. Did u make it yourself or did you buy it?
where did u buy the car side harness?

p.s. your definitely the best diy writeup modder here
Originally posted by mudger@Jun 30 2004, 12:46 PM
where did u buy the car side harness?

p.s. your definitely the best diy writeup modder here

You can get the car side harness from any car audio shop, best buy, circuit city, etc...

thanks.. i am trying be the best car modder diy writer upper ..
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josh what did you pay for the painting of the console?
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sorry all the how-to links are being updated...
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