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[HOW-TO] Brake pad and rotor bedding

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I searched around the forums to see if this had been discussed but couldn't find anything so I thought I'd go ahead and post this link.

Tutorial Added to Database:
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Excellent Post! Thanks for the link.
When I was breaking in my Stoptechs, I had a much different procedure.

First off, to break in the pads and rotors, I had to make a series of 8 beddings. Each bedding was started when driving up to 60 mph and then apply medium pedal effort until you come to about 10 mph, in a straight line obviously. When I was doing this, it was funny because I was having smoke come from the rotors, which was normal, but it looked funny to others. Anyway, they also said that once you do the series of 8 beddings to let the rotors cool down and then repeat teh procedure.

One important thing that they also noted was to NOT come to a complete stop during the bedding process or you will burn an image of the brake pad onto the rotor which is not somethign you want to do.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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